The Transforming Braille Group LLC

Why Transform Braille?

The objective of the Transforming Braille Group LLC is to identify and implement a breakthrough solution which will radically reduce the cost of refreshable braille technology so that it both comes within the reach of blind people in developing countries and also allows braille libraries everywhere to give readers the choice of inexpensive electronic text files in addition to expensive hard copy braille.

Currently, the prohibitive cost of refreshable braille displays limits many braille readers to a hard copy reading experience only. Refreshable displays are generally attainable only in the most prosperous countries, often supplied by government programs for education and employment. The market for a new device produced with a substantially less expensive technology consists almost entirely of readers who do not have access to the current displays. Accordingly, the Transforming Braille project is not meant to compete with the sophisticated multi-feature products now available, rather it is intended to bridge the gap between the abundance of accessible text files and the blind readers worldwide who have no tactile means of accessing them.

Please see the Transforming Braille Blog for the latest updates.

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